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2020 Ball, Ian et al Canadian Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of the Neurologically Deceased Organ Donor. (CMAJ-19-0631.R1)
2018 Shalish W, Latremouille S, Papenburg J, Sant’Anna GM Predictors of extubation readiness in preterm infants: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
2017 Mosseri, A., I. Cardona, M. Blumenkrantz and S. J. Daniel Histopathologic Effects of Onabotulinum Toxin A Treatment in Pediatric Submandibular Glands
Youssef, F., Arbash, G., Puligandla, P. S., & Baird, R. J. Loop versus divided colostomy for the management of anorectal malformations: a systematic review and meta-analysis
2016 Youssef, F., A. Gorgy, G. Arbash, P. S. Puligandla and R. J. Baird Flap versus fascial closure for gastroschisis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Schwarz, Y., J. Pitaro, S. Waissbluth and S. J. Daniel Review of pediatric head and neck pilomatrixoma
Schwarz, Y., M. Manogaran and S. J. Daniel Ventilation tubes in middle ear effusion post-nasopharyngeal carcinoma radiation: To insert or not?
2015 Bezdjian, A., A. A. Alarfaj, N. Varma and S. J. Daniel Isolated Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Bone Lesion in Pediatric Patients: Systematic Review and Treatment Algorithm
Bezdjian, A., A. Maby and S. J. Daniel To remove or not to remove: Review of cases of medial migration of tympanostomy tubes
Ibrahim, F. F., M. K. Alnoury, N. Varma and S. J. Daniel Surgical management outcomes of recurrent thyroglossal duct cyst in children–A systematic review
2014 Akinpelu, O. V., E. Peleva, W. R. Funnell and S. J. Daniel Otoacoustic emissions in newborn hearing screening: a systematic review of the effects of different protocols on test outcomes
Akinpelu, O. V., F. Ibrahim, S. Waissbluth and S. J. Daniel Histopathologic changes in the cochlea associated with diabetes mellitus–a review
Akinpelu, O. V., M. Mujica-Mota and S. J. Daniel Is type 2 diabetes mellitus associated with alterations in hearing? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Mujica-Mota, M. A., J. Schermbrucker and S. J. Daniel Eye color as a risk factor for acquired sensorineural hearing loss: A review
2013 Akinpelu, O. V., S. Waissbluth and S. J. Daniel Auditory risk of hyperbilirubinemia in term newborns: a systematic review


2017 Burstein, B., E. Fauteux-Lamarre, A. Cheng, D. Chalut and A. Bretholz Simulation and Web-based learning increases utilization of Bier block for forearm fracture reduction in the pediatric emergency department
2016 Fauteux-Lamarre, E., B. Burstein, A. Cheng and A. Bretholz Reduced Length of Stay and Adverse Events Using Bier Block for Forearm Fracture Reduction in the Pediatric Emergency Department
Saliba, J., H. Bortfeld, D. J. Levitin and J. S. Oghalai Functional near-infrared spectroscopy for neuroimaging in cochlear implant recipients
2012 Bretholz, A., Q. Doan, A. Cheng and G. Lauder A presurvey and postsurvey of a web- and simulation-based course of ultrasound-guided nerve blocks for pediatric emergency medicine

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